🌲 Make going out into nature a frequent part of your life!

"Let go of your mind and then be mindful. Close your ears and listen!" - Rumi

 We encourage everyone to go quietly out into the heart of nature, experience solitude and watch your worries fall off. It's one of the most amazing ways to hit refresh on life.

Get in on the relaxation. It's simple and fun!

Set a date right now for yourself, and invite some good friends if you like, to venture out into a nature reserve, botanical garden or other peaceful nature setting!

You'll be amazed at how much this simple act will reward your entire life in ways you might never have imagined. We guarantee that you, and anyone you choose to take with you, will carry the sense of peace you experience in nature back home into all aspects of your lives.


While you're out in nature, use our nature inspired, relaxation hashtag when you share your most relaxing photos and videos on Insta! We'd love to feature them on our Instagram.

Think pictures taken at nature reserves, botanical gardens, beaches, parks... The pictures could be of water, flowers, trees... They could include inspirational quotes. The sky's the limit! Show off the beauty in your life, and help others experience peace in their lives! ✌️

We choose some of our favorite photos and videos to be featured on our Instagram, and in our newsletter!

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