In need of that specially crafted soapy something for that special occasion? Want to talk wholesale? Did something go wrong with your order? Oh no! Let's get this fixed for you! :) In need of more details regarding just what to expect from a product that's caught your eye? Just want to chat with us a bit about a great idea you've got for us? We love to here from and help out our beautiful soapy community! We're here for you.


Please do note that handmade soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure, before it's safe and ready to use. So, special orders must be requested at least two months before the occasion they are intended for, to allow time for curing and shipping. And, we're a small business (and love it). So, while we do our best to meet our customer's needs, we can only take on so much at any time. The key here...time is a big factor. :) The more time you give us in advance of your special occasion, the greater likelihood we can create something fantastic for you!
Contact us at help@nyevu.com or just hop down to the bottom of this page and use the handy message box. :)
- Keisha & Jon (your soapy friends!)
Also, we'd love to communicate with you the old school way. One of our favorite things in life is going to our PO Box and finding mail from one of our soapy friends! (It's so much more fun than just finding a stack of random advertisements.)
Our mailing address is:
Nyevu Moisturizing Soap Company
PO Box 1451
Loma Linda, CA 92354
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