A little about us... Doing what we love, and caring for what you love!

We're Keisha and Jon. We know that sometimes you just want to unwind, retreat into your bathtub and soak up all the moisture with the perfect bar of soap!

We realize that life gets overwhelming and stressful all too often. Our simple passion is helping you step out of the hustle and bustle of life, and into a moisturizing and soothing experience!

Nyevu Soaps

We handcraft our soaps and body products with care in small batches, using fine oils, butters and natural ingredients, designed to leave your skin loved, soothed and moisturized!

We want you to feel easy and new, radiating joy!

Nyevu is the Swahili word for moist. We chose this word to represent our company because we want to share two things with the world. First, we want you to have the very best, and most moisturizing, products we can handcraft by your side when you need them! And second, like a body of water, we want Nyevu to be a place where you come to relax, be inspired by nature, and be soothed by products thoughtfully created with your needs in mind!

We use a simple list of clean ingredients you can trust and feel inspired by! So, you'll feel radiant, knowing you’re pampering your skin with lots of wonderful natural ingredients, without any extra junk!

It always makes our day when we receive awesome customer reviews, like this one:

“These soaps are a perfect blend of moisture and clean, smell amazing, and look beautiful and elegant. It's a wonderful, relaxing experience with every use, and I love to share with loved ones. Made with so much care and love, can't go wrong with any scent.” - Ana F., California

We believe that everyone is naturally creative, and meant to live with an easy, light heart. And, that having a fun creative outlet is therapeutic, and provides a means by which the soul may express itself freely!

Nyevu Products

For us, working with our hands, making small wondrous worlds of pure moisturizing bliss for our amazing customers, gives us all the joy in the world!

We’ve handcrafted a lot of wild products over the past few years! And, we’ve come to realize that what we care most to create is superbly soothing and moisturizing products.

Why you ask? Because, we love the soft feel of smooth skin. And, we love sharing this simple, easy joy with you.

Our job is to take the worry out of your way. We work passionately to develop and refine our formulas. We want you to feel excited, trusting that our rich natural blends will always moisturize your skin!

Gifting you with quality and care is our idea of pure bliss! And, we have so much fun making each moisturizing experience for you!

Nature Lovers

We encourage everyone to make going out into nature a frequent part of life! Because, if you couldn't already tell, we're just as in love with the peace found in nature, as we are with the peace found in a nice soothing bath. Take a minute to check out our page for fellow nature lovers!

Check it out here!

We'd love to hear from you, and find out, from your experience, how our products are meeting your unique needs!

Drop us a line anytime! Share your most moisturizing ideas with us. Or, really, share anything that's inspiring you. We'd love to hear what's on your mind.

Our goal is to continue having the most awe inspiring days, caring for you and your skin. It's your love and support that keeps our creative boat afloat, and we're deeply grateful for you!

Say hello anytime at help@nyevu.com

We hope you have a wondrous day today, and every day!

Peace and love!

Keisha & Jon

Loma Linda, CA

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